VIETNAM · HANOI 2020–2021


Ehrenamtliche Zusammenarbeit mit Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Hanoi


“I am Giang, senior leader in social work and child protection at Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam – an organization that rescues and provides exceptional care to Vietnamese children and families in crisis, like street children, abused children and victims of human trafficking while creating long-term change for a better world.

I am so lucky that Caroline has been willing to coach me over the last 6 months. And through my experiences with Caroline I see that she is an excellent coach with incredible coaching skills. She has such sensitivity to working with a different cultural group as I am Vietnamese (Asian).  She has a strong commitment to our coaching, despite the many challenges and difficulties we face, like physical distance, technology, time difference and cultural differences. The complexity of my work demands regular traveling to the mountain areas where the internet access is not always good and I also sometimes have to postpone the call as I have to deal with emergencies. In all this I have always experienced her as a very caring and understanding coach who is committed and trying to find out the best way for both of us. 

Even though we have half a world distance between us and have been totally stranger at the beginning we have developed a very strong connection and close working relationship. When I am in a coaching with her, I feel respected, totally safe and know, that she is listening with her heart. She has been supporting me over the last 6 months to help me to see and identify who am I, what I stand for and why I do what I do.  We worked on my beliefs, values, thoughts, emotions and how all of that influences my behavior and my results in my personal and professional life. 

More than that, the coaching sessions help me also to see others from a new perspective, recognise their uniqueness and different values. When I see myself now, I am aware that I am a miracle, I love myself and what I have been doing is incredible.  And it helps to motivate and inspire me to continuing my work.  

The coaching has had a big impact on my work as I really can see how much I contribute to Blue Dragon in supporting and changing people lives. In the past I have sometimes felt insecure about my value and support to this organization.

The coaching also helps me to deal with some conflict with my colleagues better, we are more open to each other, therefore our relationships have been improving. I also receive a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues, my teammembers and my manager about how much I have changed over the last 6 months.

The work that Caroline provided for me was definetly what I needed to unfold and grow as an individual and professional. I strongly recommend her as a coach, no matter the physical distance.”


Tô Thị Hương Giang

Senior Social Work Practitioner

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

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Bis heute hat Blue Dragon:

1.000 Menschen vor Menschenhandel gerettet

120 Personen in Gerichtsverfahren vertreten

5.259 Kinder wieder zurück in die Schule und Ausbildung geschickt

1.127 Mädchen und Jungen Unterschlupf gewährt

348 Jugendliche in Jobs vermittelt

594.810 Mahlzeiten serviert

117 Häuser für Familien gebaut

607 Ausreißer wieder mit ihren Familien zusammengebracht 

13.514 Kinder und Familien mit legalen Papieren versorgt 

3.058 Fußballspiele gespielt!




Ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit in Kenia in Partnerschaft mit Necessary Arts School

"IGNITE YOUR POWER, SHAPE YOUR FUTURE" ist ein insgesamt einjähriges innovatives Leadership Programm. Es besteht aus mehrtägigen Retreats und wurde mit dem Ziel ins Leben gerufen, junge, durch FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) traumatisierte afrikanische Frauen zu befähigen, Führungsverantwortung für sich selbst und in ihren Kommunen zu übernehmen.


Das Programm kombiniert drama-therapeutische Methoden und Co-active Coaching und vermittelt zudem praktisches Wissen zu einer bewussten, aktiven und positiven Lebensführung.


Februar 2019 – Januar 2020, Kajiado, Kenia